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Teachers as Scholars

Today was the annual Teachers as Scholars Day at Pollard. I attended the Glee Club workshop, and will report more on it later in this post.

According to the Organizer and 8th grade Administrator Ms. Berman, Teachers as Scholars began about four years ago, and is a time for teachers to share their knowledge and passion with other teachers. Today’s Teachers as Scholars Day allowed teachers to help other teachers by sharing their passions and engaging teachers’ bodies and minds. Below is a list of the workshops that were offered, as well as a short synopsis of what was taught. Ms. Berman attended all the workshops and provided the synopsis of each for this article.

Dr. Martin, 7th grade Administrator, handled the Technical details for the day and took the photographs shown below (click photo to enlarge.) Ms. Berman thanked all of the Teacher Scholars for sharing their knowledge with other teachers.

Newspapers 101 - taught by Mr. Lundberg (7-2 ELA): Mr. Lundberg discussed newspapers, and how they’ve changed with the advent of blogs, twitter, radio and television. The future of newspapers are being threatened because of “instant news,” but they should never die.

Newspapers and You


Anyone can be an Engineer - taught by Ms. Clarke (7th & 8th gd. Engineering): Participants became mini engineers as they worked on making a bottle holder, using various power tools to shape their product. The holders were created in individualized sizes and were stained. Specific wood angles were cut, which supported the weight of a bottle.

Engineering 101

Future Engineers

Green Home – taught by Mr. Cournoyer (8th gd. Tech. Integration Specialist): Those participating in this workshop had to travel a long distance in the early hours of the morning to learn about environmental responsibility. Mr. Cournoyer built his home as a Green Home, and gave a tour of the inside and outside, answering questions about its construction.

Meditation and Mandala – taught by Ms. Carlotto (7th & 8th gd. Art): Ms. Carlotto discussed how meditation helps manage stress and develops positive mindsets. Everyone drew Mandalas (a symmetrical design).

Summer Search – moderated by Ms. Matlaw (ELA 7-3) and Ms. Gomes (ELA 7-4): Four high school METCO students (Zendilli D. freshman, Lamont T., Lindsay W., and Angie M. (seniors) came to Pollard early this morning to participate in a panel. They spoke honestly about programs that did and didn’t support them while in Needham, noting Homework Club and One-on-One Mentoring as their greatest supports. Guest Speaker Mollie Solloway, Program Associate from Summersearch, spoke about how to successfully mentor students of color, and participants left with alot of ideas.



Mind, Body, PE Connection -  taught by Mr. Wainwright (gd. 7 & 8 PE): Participants played volleyball and other games to get their blood flowing and bodies moving.

Glee Club - taught by Ms. Peterson (gd. 7 & 8 Music) and Ms. Elliott (7-2 S.S.): Participants watched a video of “You can’t stop the beat” from the musical Hairspray. Ms. Peterson spent a short time spent helping us to learn the words and music, then Ms. Elliott took over showing us some choreography to go with the selection. We were broken up into smaller groups to “perform” various parts of the song, and had a great time laughing, singing and dancing.

Glee in Action

Getting in the groove

Thank you to all the Teachers who were our Scholars today. We learned alot from you, and had fun while learning.

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